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Case study:

General Requirement

Where to visit and places to stay when you visit the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

To provide general information to visitors to the UK about the UK as a whole, the individual countries, counties and cities and towns.

Site produced using classic ASP, Microsoft Access, xhtml, css, xml, xsl, Affiliate advertising, google analytics, google adwords.


SEO Requirement

To drive traffic to the site in one of the most competitive markets possible; the travel and tourism industry.


SEO findings & results

Search terms identified

Custom SEO search terms are required for each of the possible pages.

Backlink and keyword count comparisons made with main competition. Strategy determined and on page SEO implimented.


Individual pages (being developed over time)

England - case study to follow

Scotland - case study to follow

Wales - case study to follow

Northern Ireland - case study to follow