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Case study: Kookaburra coffee

General Requirement

Kookaburra coffee - mobile coffee catering

The customer has a small mobile coffee catering business that requires a web presence. The task is to take the provided images and text and working with the customer generate a simple yet effective one page site.


SEO Requirement

From an SEO point of view the main need is for Brand recognition; as much interest is generated as a result of recommendation. Further to that, if additional business was generated then this would be a bonus.

The suggested primary search term by the customer in addition to their brand 'kookaburra coffee' was 'outdoor catering'; however after keyword checking it was found that 'coffee catering'was the best search term.


SEO findings & results

Search terms identified

kookaburra coffee, coffee catering

Backlink and keyword count comparisons made with main competition. Strategy determined and on page SEO implimented; backlink advice given and some backlinks arranged by myself.


SEO position as at 7th Feb 2009 - on

kookaburra coffee - position 1

coffee catering - position 4