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Promoting your business with personalised pens in trying times

We're in a recession. It's official. Bet you didn't know that.
Of course you did. Which business in these days doesn't know that. The question is what do you do about it.

You can be an ostrich - carry on as before, as though nothing has changed in the past few years.
You can retreat and cut all spending, especially on advertising your business - I mean, who would buy anyway.
OR, you can look at how to spend more wisely!

Hang on, I can just about hear you cry, what has that got to do with pens; whether selling pens or just using pens.
Well, let me tell you.
Pens are not just a necessity for your work, but could help out in your business in other ways.
Why not have your pens personalised for your business? You know, get your name out there. Pens customised with your company details don't just get used once and thrown away; they last! They get re-used; and each time they get re-used they get your message or company details seen again. And again. And again.

How about that for brand recognition.

Now there are a number of companies out there that will do the personalising for you; but I want to tell you about who have built a great reputation for value for money, quality, and speed of service. In fact they have built this reputation to such a degree that the VAST majority of their business is repeat business; and the majority of their new business is word of mouth business. So, to find out why, why not check out their range of budget promotional pens, and try them out, see if you agree.

But, is promoting your business via a promotional pen the way to go for your business? In the end only you can decide. But just think of all the places, all the people, that a personalised pen would be useful in. Think about the number of times they'll get used (and carried away and shared!). All the times your business name, your message, YOUR BRAND, will get seen.

So, if you ask me, biased as you may choose to believe I am, undoubtedly yes. Customised pens ARE a good way to promote your business. Don't be an ostrich, don't run away and hide from the recession. Get SMART with your budget, find the pen that will match your promotional requirements, and get your message out there.

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