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web design, development and advice for the small and medium business
H and H Consultancy - Beyond the obvious

Kevin Hardey - website consultancy and SEO/SEM

This website was built for a company of mine (H&H Consultancy) which was itself originally set up to allow contracting internationally. Whilst the company itself is now closed down and my work is via an umbrella company the ethics and quality demonstrated at companies such as Sony, BP, XIT2 and Romans Group have not changed.

Featured Employers

SONY - Freelance to Perm - Senior web developer in charge of intranet for the CoCE in Holland

XIT2 - Freelance to Perm - Senior web developer working on financial web applications both in house and externally

Romans - Freelance - Senior web developer working on complete revamp of site and mentoring perm junior

Featured sites

no2nights - A work in progress, growing, music streaming site using UGC (user generated content) written in PHP and utilising advanced security code and password encryption.

RJM Accountants - A newly formed accountancy business in and around West Yorkshire giving them their first web presence and looking to expand and develop both their business and their website over time.

Christian Triangle - A re-design of an existing site including new product lines.

OJ Contracting - A re-design of an existing site based loosely on a design selected by the client.

Beyond the obvious

H&H Consultancy is a company providing web development; design; and internet advice for the small or medium business - but with a difference.

We don't just rely on our technical knowledge; we go beyond the obvious and draw on our wide range of experience with management, business, and finance to provide you with a complete service; and ensure both quality and value for money.

Being a non-corporate company ourselves we understand the problems associated with the small and medium business and can therefore design and build our web-sites with these in mind.

Even within the technicalities of building a web-site, we don't just think of the obvious - we go beyond this and think about the usability of your site for your customers and for making the site as easy to maintain as possible for you.
This translates into money saved - and, as we know, this is one of the most important financial considerations of the small and medium business.

With a wide range of Internet experience in house and with external contacts built over the last 10 years we are confident in our ability to offer the service you require.

Our Guarantee:
we create your website to your requirements; then if you don't like it - don't buy it. *

* Some larger / more complicated sites may require payments at agreed stages of development

How we know what to do

With many years experience of not only the web industry, but also management (public and private sector), running businesses (Sole Trader to Limited Companies) and working in sales and marketing from door-to-door sales to our current roles in website design, usability, copy writing and SEO techniques, we can provide a complete service for our customers.

We understand business and the conflicting needs that can arise; we know about how difficult it can be to effectively manage expectations with stakeholders; and we know how difficult it can be to find and convert new business.
It is this understanding that allows us to effectively support businesses, large and small, with their website needs, whether as an aid to identifying why the site isn't performing as well as it should, how to improve the navagibility of a site, or how to enhance it's visability and get more traffic through the door.

Next move....

contact us and let us work with you to enhance your customer experience and support your growing business.


More sample sites

High Farm Holiday Cottages

High Farm Holiday Cottages, Pickering

A one page website with basic SEO.

Where to visit and places to stay when you visit the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Multi-page website, database driven, with SEO, XML, XSL.


Printed Products

Promotional pens, printed lighters,promotional clothing

To enhance conversion rate and improve SEO position


Romans estate agents

Romans - estate agents and property rental

Database driven website with RSS, Google maps, secure login and more


Kookaburra coffee

kookaburra coffee - outside events catering

Basic, one page website


High Farm Bed & Breakfast

High Farm Bed & Breakfast, Pickering

A one page micro site SEO targetted for brand recognition